New York City Hair Removal Services

Each client is unique. New York City hair removal Center prides itself in customizing the NY laser hair removal process for each person based on skin color/tone, hair color, depth and texture of the hair follicle. Our certified laser specialists are able to tailor treatments to your individual skin and hair type using our remarkable hi-tech machines that get rid of unwanted hair anywhere on your face or body, without hassle. Whether you have dark or light skin, fine or coarse hair... or are prone to bumps and ingrown hair... you too can get rid of unwanted hair in problem areas without messy irritations. We treat both male and female clients.

Laser Removal Services

Tanned skin, Different skin types and tones, Sensitive areas such as the bikini line, Skin prone to bumps and ingrown hair.

Wedding Packages

  • Diamond Package
  • Ruby Package
  • Platinum Package
  • Gold Package

Gift Cards

Momo has the perfect gift for all occasions. Gift cards are available for giving packages to someone special. Please ask about our Gift Cards today.

MOMO Laser Hair Removal offers both individual and package treatment options that will give you 30% in savings.

New York City laser hair removal technician will sit down one on one with potential Momo patients and go through the process and design a treatment plan that suits them best. Momo Laser Hair Removal offers this free, no obligation consultation to new clients so they can get all the answers they need before committing to treatment.

Momo Laser Hair Remobal is Member of Allied Health Associations,
Board certified laser professional, and FDA approved

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